Getting to know the ‘weird and creative’ at Seagrave Studios

Last week, I wrote and shot photos for a profile of Seagrave Studios in the basement of the Red Raven Espresso Parlor downtown. The article appeared in the Forum and on ARTSpulse.

Unlike many of the stories I work on for ARTSpulse, this one had a real sense of atmosphere. People in places doing things. It was easy for me to pluck out sights and sounds from the messy-but-purposeful art space and put them next to great quotes from the artists who call it home and love it, probably, more than they do their actual homes.

Also, this was a rare opportunity to disseminate the viewpoint of young artists whose work is cross-disciplinary and often-experimental. This is work that often lies outside of conventional taste and presentation modes, and it rarely finds a home in mainstream media. To paraphrase what one of the artists told me, this is work done by the “weird and creative,” and it needs a good home surrounded by people who leave judgment at the door. I like when my work can help support creative people who work on the fringes without a lot of money behind them since I can easily identify with the scrappy, resourceful, and defiantly creative spirit these artists show. Were I 15 years younger, I’d probably be hanging out there myself, trying to find ways to sew my loves of audio design, gadgets, music, and writing into one big, weird package.




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