Some love for Birthday Salad

I think I discovered Birthday Salad shortly after I got my Vine account. While I never really gained any traction on Vine (I think I managed around 20 followers), I did enjoy the oddball stuff that people were doing with it, six seconds at a time.

Head and shoulders above most is Birthday Salad, a project by Brooklyn-based artist, musician, and illustrator Becky Lovell. Her Vines always loop perfectly–which was pretty hard to do before Vine introduced better editing tools–and juxtapose amazing found footage with awesome music.

I think Birthday Salad is now on the shelf. Lovell put the embedded complete collection of her Vines on YouTube a few days ago if you want to catch up. They’re a perfect waste of time … but not quite the same as having them loop over and over again. I recommend going straight to her Vine to watch these beautiful nuggets vex you ad infinitum.

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