Interviewing Lin Enger

For this week’s Forum and ARTSpulse, I interviewed MSUM English Professor and author Lin Enger. His second novel, “The High Divide,” is out this month from Algonquin Books. I haven’t finished it yet, but once I get around to it, it won’t take long. The story begins with a big emotional bang and drags you along with light and steady prose. In the article, he refers to the rigor around his revision process as being akin to a “draft horse,” and to continue the metaphor, his writing moves like one of those fast horses that does all the jumpies (an equestrian I am not) a quarterhorse.

Lin lives less than a block from me, so to interview him for this story, I just walked around the corner from our house to his. Talk about convenience. I took a photo in front of his garden mostly because the light was nice and his rhubarb is lush (and how appropriate that a Minnesota writer be pictured in front of his rhubarb), but also so I could sneak our house into the background:


It’s just off his right shoulder there.

I recommend picking up a copy of the book. It’s well-paced, compelling, and full of complex characters.

Also, I love our neighborhood.

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