‘Trophy Wives’ at the HCSCC


My most recent Forum story focused on an installation by seven artists currently on display at the HCSCC. It’s a great idea: all seven of these artists used the notion of “trophy wife” as a springboard for some rather poignant commentary on gender, objectification, and a slew of other ideas. I loved their energy, and theirs is a textbook example of the power of collaboration in art. Give it a read.

On a more personal note: the above image (posted originally to the ARTSpulse Instagram account) instills in me a bit of pride. One of the photos I took for this story ended up on the A1 flag–front page, above the fold, basically. I think it’s probably the first time a photo I took was on the front page of anything, let alone a daily newspaper. It’s flippin’ cool. Selfhighfive!

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