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Interviewing Lin Enger

For this week’s Forum and ARTSpulse, I interviewed MSUM English Professor and author Lin Enger. His second novel, “The High Divide,” is out this month from Algonquin Books. I haven’t finished it yet, but once I get around to it, it won’t take long. The story begins with a big emotional bang and drags you along with light and steady prose. In the article, he refers to the rigor around his revision process as being akin to a “draft horse,” and to continue the metaphor, his writing moves like one of those fast horses that does all the jumpies (an equestrian I am not) a quarterhorse.

Lin lives less than a block from me, so to interview him for this story, I just walked around the corner from our house to his. Talk about convenience. I took a photo in front of his garden mostly because the light was nice and his rhubarb is lush (and how appropriate that a Minnesota writer be pictured in front of his rhubarb), but also so I could sneak our house into the background:


It’s just off his right shoulder there.

I recommend picking up a copy of the book. It’s well-paced, compelling, and full of complex characters.

Also, I love our neighborhood.

Teaching WordPress

I’m currently working with a class of three students at the Moorhead Library, showing them how easy it is to create a blog with WordPress. We started at 6:30 p.m. and everyone has already picked out a theme and is working on their first post. My goal is to have them publish something to the internet within a half hour … and I think we’re going to do it!

Hey, I’m posting this from my phone, wut?!

Just installed the WordPress app and posting here–for the first time ever–not from my laptop.

The app is nice, good ux, but it took a few tries before everything got lined up. But yeah. Good from there.

Ok. As you were.